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Circuit Map


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Getting There

From the North

There are two options from the north depending on your preference.

The Sat-Nav preferred route (Sat-Nav postcode CW6 9BW) is to take Junction 20 off the M6 onto the M56 (towards Chester, & North Wales), then take the next exit (Junction 10). At the roundabout take the second exit (signposted for Whitchurch, & the "Happy Guest Lodge"). Follow this road to the next roundabout where you take the second exit (to the right, signposted for Cuddington). After the second set of lights you will start seeing signs from Oulton Park & after the third set of lights, you will be directed to turn left down Coach Road. At the end of Coach Road, you will be opposite the gate at Lodge Corner. Depending on which meeting you are going to you will either turn sharp right to get to the main entrance, or left to get to East Gate.

Alternatively you can take Junction 19 (Knutsford/Chester) off the M6. Follow the A556, signed for Chester for around 10 miles. At the junction with the A49 (Shell garage to the right), follow the Oulton Park tourist sign & turn left. At the next set of lights go straight on, & after approx 100 yards, turn left with the tourist sign into Coach Road. Follow the instructions above at this point.

From the South

Leave the M6 at junction 18 & follow the A54.

Alternatively go to junction 19 & follow the instructions above for the north.

Entry to the circuit is now ticket only. If you have not received tickets, contact the chief marshal of the organising club to make alternative arrangements.

Whichever route you take, please drive safely & sensibly to & from the circuit, & respect the circuits neighbours by keeping noise & speed to a minimum.

On Arrival

Club Meetings

Entry for Club Meetings is the Main Entrance at Warwick Bridge. Once through the ticket booth, Incident Marshals should continue straight on to Chequers Restaurant, parking at the other side of the Restaurant. All other Marshals should turn left into the Paddock (third road on the left, or go up to chequers & turn left there), & either park in the Paddock itself, or access the circuit through Parc Ferme, or the gate next to Race Control & park on the circuit. Do not park accross the actual start/finish line as the timekeepers need this free to set up their equipment.

Larger Meetings

For some meetings, particularly the larger meetings, sign-on for all marshals will most likely be at the 4 x 4 hut. For these events marshals' entry will be by the East Gate. To get to the East Gate, at the end of the Coach Road turn left, then sharp right in about 50 metres. Once in through the gate, turn left & drive down the service road for about 200 metres, where you will see the hut on your right. You may also turn right at the ticket booth & drive onto circuit, though if there is on-track activities scheduled during sign-on, you will be asked to either park by the hut, or in Park Ferme/Pit Lane as appropriate.

For all meetings it is extremely important you check your Officials Instructions to ensure you are at the right place at the right time. The Chief Marshal will ensure the most up to date information is on here when sending out your tickets. If you have not received these, e-mail the Chief Marshal who will ensure you have all the relevant information.

Signing On


Note: If you are looking for an upgrade, it is best to inform either the Chief Marshal, or your discipline chief in advance, as it may not be possible to allocate you on the day.


Incident sign-on is in Chequers restaurant. This usually starts between 7:15 & 7:45 (though check the final instructions). At incident sign-on IOs are signed on first, so if you're an IO, go to the front of the queue. Once signed on, Chequers is a fine place to get the much-needed bacon buttie or the full marshal breakfast at a marshal rate! At bigger meetings, sign on will be moved to the 4x4 hut, or Scrutineering Bay. For both of these access to the circuit will be via the East Gate, & you will either park next to the hut, on the start/finish straight, or in Parc Ferme.


Flag sign-on is normally in Race Administration, or the Marshals Room (both under race control). At bigger meetings this is moved to the 4x4 hut.

Once signed-on, flags are kept in the cupboard underneath Race Control opposite the Gents toilets, & the SC boards are in the cupboard just inside the toilets (ladies, if you don't want to come in, just ask a friendly gent who will help you out!). If light panels are in use, head upstairs to Race Control (1st floor), & collect your remote from the Cupboard just outside Race Control. These must all be returned at the end of the day to the same locations.

Post Chief

This is normally in the same location as Flag. Oulton Park now uses Digital Radios for Post Chiefs. These are collected just inside Race Control itself & headsets are available in the cupboard just outside Race Control (where the light remote controls are).

Specialist (Pits/Paddock/Assembly/etc

This is also normally in Race Administration, or the Marshals Room. If a radio is needed, see the radio controller in Race Control on the 1st floor.


For bike meetings all Non-Medical officials sign on at Race Control.

Circuit Usage / Configurations

Oulton can be run in three different configurations:

The most-used configuration is the 'International' circuit which uses full circuit.

The second is 'Island', which turns right at the Island Hairpin, missing out the loop up to Shell. This was used for BTCC meetings & occasionally for clubbies.

The final configuration is the Fosters circuit (named after Rex Foster, circuit manager in the 1970s, not the antipodean beverage!). It turns right at Cascades, omitting the Knickerbrook chicane. Seldom used nowadays.

For bike meetings the International or Full circuit is usually used however, this is without the Knickerbrook chicane


NOTE: Parking & circuit access is subject to change. Please pay attention to Final Instructions, & any information provided at sign-on.

Old Hall

The first corner on the circuit. The place where a large proportion of offs occur, so a great place to see some action.

Flag Points: Always flagging at the in point (by the gate on the outside of the start/finish straight, & the out point (end of the barrier opposite the pit exit). Occasionally flag by the box/in the box though this is rarely used as there is line of sight between the other two points. Lights by the box controlled by in point, or box.

Toilets: Behind the post on the camp site, though this is regularly locked. Half way between the post & the 4x4 hut, & behind Avenue near Fogarty Moss.

Parking: Either on the inside by the pit exit, or on the outside by the camp site. On bigger meetings you will not be able to park on the inside. On the inside you will need to climb through the spectator fence to access the post, on the outside there is a nicely positioned stile to climb over.

The Avenue

Not really a busy stretch, but when something does happen, it's usually serious. Good views of Old Hall & Cascades, plus a view over to Knickerbrook.

Flag Point: Flagging from the box itself. Lights attached to the box controlled from this flag point.

Toilets: Behind the post near the Forgarty Moss building.

Parking: Behind the post box. Try not to park against the spectator fence, instead parking on the opposite side of the road behind the post. Access to the post is either through the gate (usually locked) or through the spectator fence. On bigger meetings you may not be able to park at the post in which case you will have to park behind Cascades & walk back up.


A great corner. Lots of racing action & a gravel trap for very obvious reasons. Leads on to Lakeside when the full circuit is in use, or Fosters when the short circuit.

Flag Point: Flagging from below the box. Be careful to ensure you display your flag to both the driver, & Lakeside (the next flag point). There are no lights at this post.

Toilets: Up the hill towards Clay Hill. Occasionally a portaloo is placed here on bigger meetings, but not always.

Parking: Directly behind the post is parking specific to marshals, shared only with the recovery trucks, & one ambulance. No fence to climb here! Can be accessed both infield & via the circuit (tarmac track to the right of the gravel trap).


Long straight leading up to Island. You'll occasionally deal with those that got Cascades wrong!

Flag Point: Flagging from just past the post box (by the gap). Watch carefully for flags at Cascades, as can often be displayed at a right-angle to Lakeside due to position of post. No lights to control here, though can see Island Out lights.

Toilets: Very convenient portaloo right next to post box.

Parking: No parking at the post. Closest you can park is behind Cascades as above. If using Island circuit, you can park at Island on circuit & walk back to post. For both it is advisable to drive up to the post, drop off your gear, then drive back to the parking area, though stay off the grass!


Tight hairpin when using the Island circuit, & a fast left-hand sweep on the full International circuit. An interesting post. Lots of outbraking attempts into the bend on the Island circuit, which often end in tears!

Flag Points: Flagging at Island In, which is on the right of the circuit where the Fire & Rescue vehicles stand-by, & Island Out, approximately half-way up the "spine" in-between the circuits going to, & from Shell. Lights at Island Out controlled by Island Out.

Toilets: There is a Portaloo on the inside of Island hairpin/corner. It is next to the Island In flag point.

Parking: If using the Island Circuit, you may drive past the post, round Shell & back down to park on the unused part of the circuit. Park well back, in single file on the right hand side to ensure that there is still access for the Rescue & Fire vehicles.

For the International Circuit drive on circuit to post, drop off your gear, then drive down to the Knickerbrook Gate (on the outside of the circuit after the gravel. There is a tarmac road after the gravel to use), through the gate, then follow the road back up to Island. There is a convenient gap in the fence to cut through, & a step in the tyre wall for you to climb down to cross back to post.


Only used on the International circuit. An idyllic spot, with wonderful views over the lake, & an interesting bend - a banked hairpin. A pity it's not used more often. With the benefit of no PA system.

Flag Points: Shell In, just before the start of the hairpin, & Shell Out, next to the post box. There are lights halfway down to Britten's (at the same point as the Island Out flag point on the other side).

Toilets: Conveniently placed portaloo behind the post box.

Parking: As with Island, it is advisable to drop off your gear at post before parking. Parking is in the same location as Island. Follow the circuit to Knickerbrook Gate, come outfield there, & drive back up to Island to park there & walk back to Shell.

Britten's (Foulston's)

A nice chicane used on the International Circuit. Covers a very fast part of the circuit, from Lakeside to Shell, & the Britten's chicane. For many this is a very exciting post because you have the racing on both sides of the post. This post is often shared with Island for marshal duties, though does normally have a separate Post-Chief with a radio specifically for Britten's.

Flag Points: At the box itself. There is also a seldom used flag point on the outside of the circuit between Shell & Britten's (Britten's Advanced), though I have not seen this used for some time. There is a light box leading to Britten's from Shell.

Toilets: As with Island, the Portaloo on the inside of the Hairpin of the Island Circuit is available (next to the flag point). Other options include walking up to Shell or past Hilltop, if you are positioned on the outside of the circuit.

Parking: Same as Island.

Hill Top

Possibly the highest post, hence the name. Great views of Knickerbrook & Lakeside below. Marshals are often called to help out with big incidents at Lakeside. Very windy. You need to keep warm here.

Flag Point: At the box/In the box. New set of lights here controlled from the box.

Toilets: Three choices. Walk down to Island staying on the inside of the circuit, walk down to Lakeside & cross the circuit there, or cross the circuit & head halfway down to Knickerbrook. Obviously depends on if the circuit is live or not, so use your own judgement.

Parking: Drop your stuff off at the box, drive down to Knickerbrook gate, & back up the road stopping just opposite Hilltop post box. Climb through the fence & down the tyre wall to get to post.


This post is no longer used.


Chicane is used when using either of the longer ciruits, & is approached at high speed so is the place for out-braking. On the short circuit, is a fairly long right-hander with a deep gravel trap.

Flag Points: Knickerbrook In has its own post box to flag from, & lights to control. Knickerbrook Out is from below the main post box, and has a new set of lights controlled from the flag point.

Toilets: Either on the outside of the circuit near the commentators box, or up towards Clay Hill on the inside of the circuit.

Parking: Mainly behind the post in the same area as Cascades, though if flagging at the In box, you may want to park behind the box.

Clay Hill

Usually quiet but very fast, so big problems when it goes wrong. Knickerbrook is visible but the track dips, so cars going up the base of the hill are difficult to see until they're on top of you. Blue flagging is tricky here for that reason, & marshals should not go on track without the Observer's permission.

Flag Point: At the box itself. Also has a light panel to control.

Toilets: Slightly down the hill towards Knickerbrook/Cascades on the inside of the circuit.

Parking: Right behind the post box. On bigger meetings you may need to parking behind Knickerbrook/Cascade & walk up to post.


Like Clay Hill, usually quiet until things hit the fan. Very fast part of circuit, so impact speeds are very high. Very important that marshals stay in safe positions here.

Flag Point: Just in front of the post-box. No lights to control here.

Toilets: The location of the Watertower post means there can be a bit of a walk to get to a toilet or Portaloo. Apart from leaving the post area & travelling across towards Chequers bar or the toilet block near to the Fogarty Moss building, you could use the Portaloo next to the box at Druids. Behind the Watertower box there is a wooded area but the spectators path passes right through this area now, so any off duty watering must have the welfare of the public in mind.

Parking: Park by the gate next to the rally stage. On busier meetings you may be asked to park behind Druids. See below for instructions & be very careful of the gravel!


A fast double-apex bend with a dip on the exit to catch the unwary. Can be busy!

Flag Points: Flagging at Druids In, which is just on the entry to the corner at the edge of the gravel, & Druids Out, just after the gravel on the way out of the corner. There is a light panel on the post box itself.

Toilets: This is located just next to the box. It is a Portaloo & is usually in okay condition. Make sure you go before crossing the track to the inside of the corner if you are on Track duties for a few (normally two) sessions.

Parking: Most secure parking of the circuit, & also the hardest to get to if you don't know what you are doing! You must drive on circuit to get here, & on approach to the corner you need to continue on circuit until you are at the back edge of the gravel. There is a road to drive down which is against the barrier. Take the first big gap in the barrier & park as far away from the barrier as possible. DO NOT TRY & SHORT CUT THROUGH THE GRAVEL! It will be an embarrassing call for the recovery truck, & could damage your car!

Warwick Bridge

Formerly Bailey Bridge (or "a" Bailey bridge - the argument goes on!). Like Water Tower this is a fast part of the circuit which often collects cars that thought they made it past Druids. Can be spectacular.

Flag Point: In the post box. No lights to control but you can see the lights at Lodge.

Toilets: Closest infield is next to Scrutineering Bay. Other options include walking up to Druids or crossing the track & using the Woodland area.

Parking: Infield behind the box. Again the circuit have kindly provided stiles to climb over here. Bigger meetings may require you to park at Druids, or behind Lodge.


Interesting post at the end of the long back straight, & is a tight right-hander that dips down on the exit of the turn. High entry speeds & out-braking make this an active post.

Flag Points: Lodge In as it's own post box, & controls the lights mid corner. Lodge out is just past the main post box.

Toilets: Portaloos are provided behind the Grandstand. Infield it's a walk up to Race Control.

Parking: Parking is available behind the corner next to the Rescue Unit standby point.

Deer Leap

Catches any overrun from Lodge. The post is very close to the action, so a good spot for enjoying the racing. Now with added bridge! Incident Marshals are expected to help with the start procedure, & also with getting cars back in parc ferme at the end of the session, & if there is a red flag also. This will be explained at the beginning of the day, & generally means you will always have something to do!

Flag Point: Wooden post box on the outside of the circuit just before the bridge. No lights to control, can see start line lights.

Toilets: Short walk to Race Control on the inside of the circuit. Alternatively outfield part way up the straight.

Parking: Infield behind the post, Paddock if there is room, (not on big meetings) staying in the officials parking area, or outfield by 4x4 hut. Bigger meetings may request you park at Lodge.

Pit Straight

This post is no longer used for Incident (covered by Deer Leap, Old Hall, & pit lane marshals). Flagging continues under the watchful eye of Race Control & Signal Marshals.

Flag Point: On the pit wall at the gate in-front of Race Control. Do not lean your flags against the gate as if it needs to be opened in a hurry they will fall over! Conveniently your flags can be placed on the gate itself.

Toilets: Right behind you underneath Race Control.

Parking: Officials parking in the Paddock. Bigger meetings, leave your car at the 4x4 hut.

Lunch / Circuit Customs

The majority of the time, there is enough time at "lunch" to eat, though as with all circuits, some timetables do run very tight & this time may be lost. There is still time between races to ensure you do look after yourself. Be aware that if lunch starts early (it does happen occasionally) then it is likely to finish early as well in case of incidents later in the day, so before leaving your post, ensure you have the "back on post" time from your Post-Chief. Do not be late on your return from lunch as "back on post" time is when they want to release the cars from the assembly area to the grid, so if you are on an "outfield" post where you would need to drive on circuit to return, you are likely to be stopped from doing so!

Curfew is in effect at Oulton which means on race days, no engines can be running before 8:15 (12:00 on Sundays) or after 18:30. This allows for a nice guaranteed finish time.

It's pronounced Olton Park (think Oldham), not Ooolton Park. Commentators take note.

At BRSCC & BARC meetings, marshals are usually invited for a drink at Race Control after the meeting; an excellent opportunity to swap 'fisherman's tales' - 'my incident was bigger than yours......'. MSVR normally hand out vouchers to be used at the bar in Chequers.

Oulton Park offers a tour for new marshals (previously known as 'Cliff's Tour' as it was originally led by Cliff Hammond, a very experienced observer with vast knowledge of the circuit & its history. This is now led & organised by Nadine Lewis, which is where the expression "Nadlings" comes from). The tour covers the Paddock, & Assembly area, posts around the Fosters Circuit, Pit Lane, Race Control, & the Medical Centre. Following the tour, you can then be allocated onto a post for the afternoon where you will get to observe how it is done, & maybe help with the cleaning up after an incident.

Although the tour is aimed at new trainees, anyone visiting Oulton for the first time will be made welcome. More details, & details of who to contact are on the BMMC, or BMMC North website. This tour is not done on all meetings, so pre-booking is strongly advised.

Marshal's Perspective

Nice, pleasant circuit. The only one I know. PA is a bit pants with its multiple echos echos echos & the commentary is diabolical!

There have been sightings of various rare species of fauna, for example : Penguins, Pink Bears, Wee Brown Bears, Pigs & other kinds. These are usually to be found in & around the marshalling posts.

New marshals, especially those under 16 who can't yet go out on the bank, will be welcomed into the Paddock / Assembly team. Get to know the cars & drivers, help organise them, check scrutineering tickets, assist with noise testing, brief them on conditions (& hazards!) as required. You'll see them into practice sessions, then put them in grid order for racing - a vital part of the race organisation, as it helps every event run smoothly & quickly when we're on a tight time schedule. Good fun, & a great introduction to marshalling...

Scanner Frequencies

Normal RAC channel 169.3375

How to Marshal Here - Contacts

BMMC North website gives an up to date list of meetings, along with a form to submit to the current Competition Secretary who will forward your volunteering to the relevant Chief Marshal.

Each club that uses the circuit also has their own website, along with contact details for their Chief Marshal. It is highly recommended that you e-mail Chief Marshal's rather then telephone them. Remember that they are also volunteers & are not available 24/7.


BARC North West




HSCC - No marshals page that I found, however last couple of years have used same chief marshal as MSVR.


Local Accommodation


Marshals are normally allowed to camp at the circuit. There is a camping area on the outside of the Old Hall corner. It is always best practice to contact the circuit before you plan on doing so, just in case these arrangements have changed.

The old camping area used to be on the inside of Lodge corner around the Monument.

Circuit Contacts