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Circuit Map


Google Maps

Link to Google map.

Getting There

The circuit is in Kirkby Mallory, just off the A47, between Leicester and Hinckley. M69, Junction 1 from the South/West. A5 from North-west or South-east. M1, Junction 21.

For Sat-Nav the post code is LE9 7QE

On Arrival

When you get into the circuit you need to go to the top gate (at Shaws) this will put you onto the track. Do not go first left (track direction) but go second left which takes you down the circuit 'wrong direction' to Cooper Esses. You can then turn into the paddock gate. When in the paddock turn right by the scrutineering bay, then right again into the marshals' parking area.

Signing On

Signing on is in the "Cedar Wood Bungalow", the low building adjacent to Race Control. See the Google map (link at top of page) for its exact location.

Circuit Usage / Configurations

There are two possible circuits that can be used at Mallory the first, hardly ever used, is the oval (the dark purple part on the map above). The second is the full circuit where they use Shaws (the pink part as well as the dark purple part).

A chicane, the Bus Stop, was added for use by bikes on the exit of Shaws.

The circuit was altered recently to include a new chicane called Edwina's. Used for bikes, it's located towards the end of Stebbe Straight between posts 7 and 9. A second chicane, Charlies/Stapletons, has been added at the exit of Gerards - again, only used for bikes.


Post numbers were changed mid-2012 to harmonise numbering between cars & bikes. Cars do not use all the posts, which explains the gaps in the list below, as the numbers were taken from the BARC circuit map.

Post 1

The post is located under the pedestrian bridge into the paddock adjacent to the start/finish line.

Post 2 - Gerards In

As the name suggests, the post is located at the entrance to Gerards corner, again on the outside of the circuit and near to the pit lane exit.

Posts 3 / 4 - Gerards Centre

Post 3 is on the outside of the circuit and is manned by the observer and incident marshals. Post 4 operates in tandem to this post, on account of it being the relevant flag point. If numbers allow, incident marshals will also be placed on this post, which can get a bit exposed.

Post 5 - Gerards Out

Post 7 - Stebbe Straight

Who says straights are boring, when people get it wrong coming out of Gerards this is usually where they end up.

Post 8 - Edwina's

Bikes only

Post 9 - Cooper Esses In

Post 10 - Cooper Esses Out

Post 11 - The Oak Tree

The oak tree is no longer there, but the name lingers on!

Post 12A - Hairpin "In"

Flag only

Post 14 - The Hairpin (Shaws)

Flag points are on the outside of the circuit (Posts 12A & 15). Observer (Post Chief!) in a box on the outside, just past the apex. For car meetings positioning of marshals in the centre is no longer allowed, although bikes still use it.

Post 15 - The Bus Stop

For cars, flag only

Post 18 - The Devils Elbow

Possibly the quietest post here, but definitely the one with the best view - you can see virtually the whole of the circuit from the flag box.

Post 20 start/finish

Next to startline marshals platform and race control. Flag only.

Lunch / Circuit Customs

Gernerally regarded as the best breakfast at any circuit in the UK can be purchased from the circuit cafe. The baked spuds from the caravan in the paddock at lunch time are also very popular. The cost is reasonable, portions & quality good.

Late starts / Prompt finishes (No racing engines after 18:00) ensure the days are not too long.

It might be worth pointing out that if you're up late and have to rush to the circuit, then look out for the friendly local shop on the left just before you get to the main entrance. It is always open on race days and will make up ham, cheese, etc. rolls to order if they've run out.

Marshal's Perspective

Lives up to its moniker as 'the friendly circuit', the atmosphere is nearly always relaxed.

I would advise any incident marshals to tread carefully when attending incidents, quite literally, as the running areas do leave a lot to be desired.

Scanner Frequencies

Most organising clubs use normal MSA frequency: 169.3375

How to Marshal Here - Contacts

Local Accommodation


Circuit Contacts

Tends to be the organising club direct, for BRSCC (Mid) & 750MC try Julian Floyd's web site