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Circuit Map

2012 circuit map

Google Maps

Link to Google map of area...

Getting There

Long Beach is under an hours drive (allowing for LA traffic!) from LAX airport. Being LA, flights from UK are reasonable if you book far enough in advance. Car hire is plentiful and inexpensive.

It is possible to get from LA to Long Beach by public transport, and if you stay in Long Beach downtown area you can use the tram system to get to and from the track - then you won't need a hire car.

On Arrival

Be sure to walk the track in the days leading up to the race - it's amazing how the track is constructed from normal streets.

Visit the RMS Queen Mary - it's an amazing ship, now incorporating a hotel. The tours are interesting and take you into areas you can't normally access on your own.

Signing On

Is normally at a downtown hotel - done in the days before the race. You'll be issued your credentials and tabard here.

Circuit Usage / Configurations




Breakfast/ Lunch / Circuit Customs

Coffee and doughnuts are provided at morning meetings - which typically start at 0630 - are gratefully received. Lunch is delivered to post and normally comprises a packed lunch of sandwich, fruit, cookie. Water is supplied in infinite quantities and coolboxes on post mean its always available ice cold. Typically food is provided at the end of each day - pizza, Mexican etc.

Marshal's Perspective

Scanner Frequencies

How to Marshal Here - Contacts

Cal Club ( a region of SCCA) organise the Flag and Communications marshals and are the main contact point for requests to marshal.

(Please understand that incident marshalling as understood in UK is NOT what you'll be doing)

As part of the trackside marshal team, you'll rotate through flagging, response (the closest to incident marshalling, but limited) and maybe working the communications headset.

Local Accommodation


Long Beach is a downtown track and camping is not an option. Motels at most budget points are available.

Circuit Contacts