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Circuit Map


Google Maps

Link to Google map for Anglesey

Getting There

Follow the A55 towards Holyhead.

Once on the Island, continue for about 12 miles and exit the A55 at junction 5 signed Rhosneigr/Aberffraw (Also brown sign with Trac)

Turn left at the roundabout at end of slip road and continue on this road for about a further five miles.

After passing signs for Rhosneigr (On Right) continue for about a further mile and a half.

The Circuit is on right at a small crossroads.

(New Circuit Signage makes it easier to find)

On Arrival

At the end of the lane there is the Circuit entrance/ticket booth.

After here continue down the road towards the paddock. You will need (for most meetings) to have your vehicle pass visible to be allowed to drive into the paddock.

Parking can be tight, so you may be well advised to park up on grassed area by the toilets/showers.

Signing On

At present, the BRSCC/BARC sign their Marshals on in the BAR area in the Paddock.

This however, will be confirmed in your final instructions.

Circuit Usage / Configurations

International GP









1 - Pit Exit

Post is the box on the far end of the pit wall

2 - Target

The lonely box in the middle of the circuit, roughly in line with Post 1 (Pit Exit) and Post 4 (Church)

3 - Banking

Box is located on the exit of the banked hairpin. Marshals can drive through the spectator area and park by the gate before walking to the post

4 - Church

Fantastic view of the bay, and the church after which the post is aptly named. Access by walking across from pit exit

5 - School

School, as in Driving School. The building directly opposite pit entrance is the driving school, with the box adjacent to the gap in the armco that leads to the school. This gap is where the rescue unit go to sleep for the afternoon.

It's only a short walk across the track from the pit lane, alternatively you can drive round to the post, but park your car well out of the way so as not to block access for the rescue unit.

6 - School Out

On approach to Rocket complex. Only used for certain track configurations and normally not used for car meetings.

7 - Rocket

Named after the missile testing platforms behind the banking! The box is The Bunker located on the inside of the circuit at the left hander. Make sure you inspect the facilities before going on post, because you have to cross the track to get back to anywhere! Well worth walking up the track to the post, if only to get a driver's eye view of how they aim for the post coming up the hill - then spend all day praying they actually turn the corner, rather than hit the tyres! Custom and practice dictates that all newcomers are allocated this post for their first day :)

8 - Rocket Out

On the outside of the circuit as the cars exit the Rocket right hander; basically on top of the cliff with spectacular views. Spectators are now allowed right behind the box, and you will have to cover anyone that pulls off to the outside of the circuit on the approach to Rocket - trust me, it is a long way to carry a fire extinguisher... Here, you get the remains of the carnage from Rocket In, as well as your own incidents, and you will need to sort out communications with Rocket In as they will not necessarily be able to see someone pulling off behind the spine that is directly in front of you.

To park behind the post drive round the circuit as far as School, leave the circuit & turn to the right past the school building & follow the gravel road round to the parking area immediately behind the post.

9 - Peel Out

About halfway between Peel corner and the corkscrew. Great post to view all the action from Rocket In all the way around until Corkscrew. Access is by walking up the hill WD or park by the access gate.

10 - Corkscrew

Known as Corkscrew for the Coastal configuration and Seamans for the International configuration. Corkscrew is aptly named after the section of Laguna Seca with the same name - it has the same twisting double curve and a steep drop in altitude, making it a driver's delight and technically very difficult to carry the speed onto the start/finish straight. flagging is best done from the left of the box, as it can be difficult to see the flag point at Peel. Best view of the rest of the circuit during the first few laps, after which you may need to concentrate on the objects that fly past at all angles! Access to the post is a simple short stroll up the hill from assembly

11 - Tom Pryce Straight

Located between Seamans and the hairpin. Only used for the International configuration. Good view of the circuit and primarily a flag point, although contact at the previous corner can end up in your lap. Access the post by walking across from assembly to Post 10 and then along to the box, unless you feel like climbing up the rather steep slope by taking a more direct route. You can park reasonably close to the post - either drive round the circuit & go through the gate just past the post or drive out of the paddock & turn left after the second gate, which takes you round to the spectator area; take the road on your left after a few hundred metres.

12 - Hairpin

The hairpin is at the end of the Tom Pryce Straight, with the post situated on the entrance to the corner. Only used on the International configuration. Access by walking up from the old pit lane, or climb over the tyres by the Old Med Centre and across to the post. You can park reasonably close to the post - either drive round the circuit & go through the gate just past the Tom Pryce Straight post or drive out of the paddock & turn left after the second gate, which takes you round to the spectator area; take the road on your left after a few hundred metres.

13 - Old Pit Entry

Post is the box at the entrance to the old pit lane, behind marshals camping. Only used on the International configuration. The old pit lane may be used to bring cars into Parc Ferme, so this post is expected to assist in bringing the drivers in. Access by walking into the old pit lane - this is normally the nearest post to sign on (and the bar...)

14 - Bus Stop

Post is located just before the final turn onto the new start line, after the old start line and at the bottom of the hill leading down from Corkscrew. Only used for the International configuration. Access to the post is by taking the short walk across from assembly. There is not a lot of room around the box for the incident marshals, but a good flag point, particularly for those that out-brake themselves trying to carry too much speed onto the start/finish straight.

15 - Pit Entry

Post is located at the start of the pit wall. Access to the post is through pit lane. Lots of activity on this post, with assistance and fire cover for the start line, helping to keep an eye out along the pits and an occasional strike into the pit wall exiting the final turn.

Lunch / Circuit Customs

Never guaranteed a lunch break so come prepared.

The Burger Vans are generally OK but can be very slow in serving.

Marshal's Perspective

Because of its isolated position, it is frequently undermanned. If you are acting as Post Chief, remember to pick up a radio before you go to your post!

The wind can be fierce, and rain+sea-spray can make it an exhilarating experience if you haven't got the right kit.

Scanner Frequencies

For BRSCC/BARC meetings it's the usual MSA frequency of 169.3375

How to Marshal Here - Contacts

BMMC North website gives an up to date list of meetings, along with a form to submit to the current Competition Secretary who will forward your volunteering to the relevant Chief Marshal.

Each club that uses the circuit also has their own website, along with contact details for their Chief Marshal. It is highly recommended that you e-mail Chief Marshal's rather then telephone them. Remember that they are also volunteers & are not available 24/7.


BARC North West




HSCC - No marshals page that I found, however last couple of years have used same chief marshal as MSVR.


Local Accommodation


Between the old medical center (at the paddock entrance gate) down to the back of the conservatory/bar. Further down in the main paddock 16amp electricity is available. Alternatively if you have a 13amp to 16amp adaptor you may get a hook-up at the old medical center.

Circuit Contacts

Official website: