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Circuit Map


Google Maps,-1.604347&spn=0.013846,0.038581

Getting There

The circuit is off the A303, eight miles west of Andover, and is signposted on both sides of the carriageway.

Be careful when approaching from the West on the A303, the first sign for the circuit is quite close to the junction and easy to miss. It's also easy to come off the A303 too fast and give yourself a bit of a 'moment' on the tight bends on the slip road.

From Salisbury heading north on A338. After going through Cholderton at the roundabout with the pub and garage, turn right, signposted Thruxton Circuit. This road goes parallel to the A303 and under and again parallel to the A303. Turn left a couple of miles on and half a mile down that lane, you're at the circuit. Easier than going on the A303 if you're coming from Salisbury way.

On Arrival

Depending on what you're doing you're usually issued with either a car-park pass or track pass. If you have a car-park pass, park in the public car park using the entrance just to the left of the main gate. Park up at the top right and walk into the circuit. Either go through the underpass into the paddock or cross over the circuit.

If you have a track pass, drive up the main driveway into the circuit. Go through the gate onto the start-finish straight, turn left and park somewhere near the start line.

Signing On

Marshals sign-on office is located on rear side of scruitineering building (large, green and named!) behind main pits, in the paddock, on infield side of circuit.

Circuit Usage / Configurations

Only one circuit configuration exists.

There is a working airfield inside the circuit.

Thruxton also operate a karting circuit next to the main venue.

The airfield is now closed during race days, from 0900 to 1800, for fixed wing flying. An air ambulance helicopter is based at Thruxton and there may be other helicopter use during a meeting.


1 - Startline

Not too bad during racing but boring as hell otherwise.

2 - Allard

Now on the outside of the corner (not inside as shown). Anyone getting their braking wrong will probably end up here.


Bit of a restricted view - corner on one side, spectator bank on the other. Can be busy if there's a lot of action going into Allard.


Fast approach to complex. Watch out for Pit Exit pull offs and Blue flags.

Post is actually located now on the inside of the circuit with the outside being a fire point.


Just before the braking zone for the Complex. Good view of the rest of the circuit.

6 - Campbell/Cobb

The entry to the three-cornered part of the track, known as The Complex. If they get the braking wrong, then it's likely they will end up in the tyre wall here.

7 - Seagrave

On the left hand side exiting the complex.


Used to be a training post, usually have spinners going to the inside if they are over eager on the throttle coming out of the complex. Big ones can happen here as well though - Kelvin Burt can testify to that...

If you are flagging here, you will be on a scaffold platform accessed by a ladder (1.5m off the ground?)

9 - Noble

Now a split post with Flags on the inside of the circuit (but outside of the corner) and the Post Chief and most of the incident team on the opposite side. Can see several fast sweeps - if they lose it, it's at high speed.


Pretty fast part of the circuit. Anything here will usually be big - anyone getting it wrong out of the corner is going to end up in either the field or the tyrewall.

11 - Goodwood

The drivers approach this corner differently now that the banking has been built on the left hand side. The track itself hasn't changed but the perception of it has.

Flag post is on the inside of the circuit, Post Chief and incident team usually on the outside - where most cars end up.

12 - Village

Fast, scary, inside post.


In case you were wondering, there is no post 13.

I don't know for sure but I don't think they thought it was a good idea to have a post 13 at one of the fastest corners in British Motorsport.

14 - Village Outside

The only outside post on the massively fast Village and Church corners. You have to cover a long way in either direction if needs be.

15 - Church

Probably the fastest corner in the country. Taken flat in top gear on the limit of adhesion. Big bump just before the post makes life interesting. Post is situated on the apex rumble strips.

Sorts the men from the boys!!


If anyone gets it wrong at Church they will either spin to the infield before your post or snap the car round and head to the outfield, where a fire point is located. Most don't reach the loose tyre wall in the dip at the end of the run off but some do. (Jason Plato for example.)

17, 18 and 19 Woodham Hill

Very quick, leading into an uphill section approaching the Chicane.

20 - The Chicane (outside)

The last corner on the track and the scene of many dramatic (and sometimes failed) overtaking attempts. A variety of incidents could happen here but most end up with the car(s) on the post side of the track. The grandstands and spectator banking are directly behind the post.

21 - The Chicane (inside)

This post has no flag requirements, simply a Post Chief / incident team post to pick up the pieces of any failed attempts to get through the chicane.


Outside of course after chicane.

Anyone who gets it wrong in chicane/boots it too early, etc usually visits grass and banking.

Pitlane entry directly opposite on inside of course, occasionally sees miscommunication between driver(s) coming in, and others on fast lap.

Lunch / Circuit Customs

Circuit stops for church hour - Sunday's 9.25 - 10.30

Marshal's Perspective

The Thruxton regulars are a great crew. Many of them are also regulars at Castle Combe and also quite a few of them form the infamous Gurston GITS :).

The BARC is putting a lot of effort into making the lot of the Marshal a happier one, and bit by gradual bit they are getting there. They are putting effort into bringing together the Ambulance crews, Rescue & Doctors/Paramedics, Fire Crew, Offcials and Bank Marshals etc. closer together, which is greatly to their credit.

The track itself - wonderful! A good old school church of speed, largely unfettered by chicanes, and the ones that are there are well positioned and enhance the racing. A real test of nerve and a nice place to be.

The one chicane, at Club Corner, is ideally sized and configured to encourage lots of overtaking attempts, without punishing over ambition too severely.

It's windy virtually all the time.

For those out on the circuit, as well as many a bush to choose from, some posts have their own portaloo.

Scanner Frequencies

Standard MSA channel (169.3375).

How to Marshal Here - Contacts

Most meetings are organised by the British Automobile Racing Club (BARC). See the Circuit Contacts section for more info.

Local Accommodation


This is a rare example of how things SHOULD be done. A large enclosed field near the entry to the circuit reserved as and signposted as a Marshals Campsite. Enter the main gate, the entrance is on the right side of the main driveway near the top.

Good show BARC, (toilets will earn you 10/10!).

Showers are inside the circuit between the pit garages and the scrutineering bay.

Circuit Contacts

Marshals Secretary - tbc 01264 882210

Chief Marshal - Trevor Jackson (email