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Specialist Marshalling can be broken down into four main areas:

  1. Paddock/Assembly
  2. Pits
  3. Startline
  4. Race Control/Radio

All of the above are "proper" marshals, many have retired from trackside or split their time between Specialist and Track. It is also a good starting point for trainees and Cadet marshals (not allowed trackside) to get a first "feel" of a race event.

For all of the above there will be a lot of interface with drivers, teams and the public. A polite but firm approach is essential, at times adrenaline levels will be quite high but safety and discipline must be maintained. As well as providing protection in the event of (rare) fire, orange overalls act as a uniform and give a certain degree of authority, so are commonly worn, a hi-viz vest is an acceptable alternative. They will also act as an "ask me" beacon!

Specialist marshals will sign on at the same time as everyone else, sometimes earlier, usually at the same location, but depends on circuit. Will be included in Officials instructios.

Paddock/Assembly - where the competitors operate from between races. Marshals will ensure drivers/cars reach Assembly area in good time, are placed in the correct starting order, scrutineering tickets checked and drivers correctly dressed and belted. They may also have responsibility for assisting scrutineers in "parc ferme".

Pitlane - is covered in a separate item. It is often combined with Startline duties, particularly when numbers are low.

Startline - chief responsibility is ensuring competitors start from correct grid position. Also cover grid clearence and stalled car warning. They may also assist Chief Flag/Starter with lap charting and penalty boards/flags, as well as pit lane.

Race Control/Radio - operate inRace Control to receive and communicate info with marshals on circuit, keep race log and Clerks informed.

The above is a very brief overview of the Specialist disciplines. The easiest way to learn more is to come along and try it, you will always be welcome.