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Circuit Maps

The Grand Prix Circuit (with Arena section around Village/Loop)


The National Circuit


The International Circuit


The Stowe Circuit


Google Maps

Link to Google map

Getting There

Junction 15A of the M1.

Follow the signs for the circuit - couldn't be easier.

The new A43 makes getting there so much better, but look out for the speed/safety cameras, in both directions.

On Arrival

Go through the main entrance and follow the signs for 'Centre Access'.

Once through the barriers, head over the bridge in front of you (over the "Bridge" section of the old circuit")

Once over the first bridge, look to your left for the second bridge (over Wellington Straight), and head towards it (turn left).

Once over that bridge, turn left at the roundabout, follow the road round to the left and turn (right) into the paddock car park.

Signing On

Sign on for the vast majority of meetings is in the Paddock Bar, next to the car park.

The posts are pre-allocated.

Circuit Usage / Configurations

GP Circuit

Used for big international meetings eg, F1 Grand prix, FIA GT's, Moto GP.

Historic GP circuit

Slightly different from the GP circuit, Club uses a short cut so that the corner isn't as sharp. Used for Historic GT, Sports and F1 cars.

National Circuit

Used mainly for all club meetings. Eg, VSCC, HSCC, 750MC, AMOC etc... The BTCC is generally the only 'major' meeting to use this configuration.

International Circuit

Mostly used for driving experiences, but is available for race meetings. Technically it is possible to run meetings on both National and International Circuits at the same time. So far this has only been tried once (for a BRSCC meeting in 2011) and the International Circuit's only other use to date was for Tour Britannia in the same year.

Stowe Circuit

Primarily used for driving experiences, but has also seen kart and sprint meetings.

Incident Posts - National Circuit

Flag posts are usually located not at the same spot, but nearby and there are rather more of them

Pit Straight Outside

Used to be Pedestrian Bridge, but that's now gone

Pit Wall

Copse Outside

End of the start/finish straight.

Copse Inside

Covers from the pit lane exit

Copse Exit

Half way towards Maggotts on the Outside


Becketts Outside

On the outside of the "tight" Becketts that leads back onto Wellington Straight

Becketts Centre

Wellington Straight

Previously known as Runway Crossing


Next to the Assembly Area/BRDC grandstand. Probably the easiest post to reach.

Luffield In

Luffield Centre

Luffield Out


Incident Posts - GP Circuit

When starting from the National Pits (North End) post are as for the National up to Maggotts and from Wellington Straight with those below in between. This remains the most common use, so posts are listed in this order. When starting from the Wing/International Pits, the first post is Abbey Pit Straight Outside and the last is Club.

Becketts Outside

By the Grandstand as the track turns towards Chapel.

Becketts Centre

Technically can cover most of the way back up to Copse Inside, but in practice the area of the National's Becketts Outside post. This post backs onto the Loop.

Chapel Inside

Takes over from Becketts Centre.

Hangar Straight

Post 1 is on the outside before the bridge and is only really used for the F1 GP. Post 2 covers both sides after the bridge and is often not used.


Fast, furious and a great place to be.

Vale In

From the apron on the inside bottom of the Hangar Straight to where the new pit entry starts

Vale Out

In the line of fire for cars getting it wrong as they enter Club. Also covers the new pit entry.


Now a very big area to cover. The F1 allocation experimented in 2011 with an extra post between Stowe and Club. Yet to be seen if that's repeated.

Abbey Pit Straight Outside

Abbey Pit Wall


The new Copse. First corner when the Wing is being used as the pit complex.

Abbey Pit Exit

Abbey Pit Exit Plus

Could possibly better be called Village Inside.


The Loop

Quite a large area from the exit of Village, round the Loop and Aintree and down onto the Wellington Straight. Apparently given that name so the circuit could look for sponsorship. Expect to see "The Fosters Loop" or some such if they succeed.

Lunch / Circuit Customs

Breakfast: The only option inside the circuit is the Paddock Diner. This is next to the Paddock Bar where sign-on is. For most meetings parking is available in front of the diner/bar. At some meetings you'll need to be prepared for security if you're not out promptly after breakfast.

Another option for breakfast but only if you arrive from the M1. As you approach Towcester you come to a roundabout crossing the A5 if you turn right towards Hinckley about half a mile on the left is a greasy spoon type transport cafe called 'Jack's Hill Cafe' which offer better quality and quantity than the diner.

At some meetings there's a social in the bar after on-track action finishes. These are usually advertised with confirmation of attendance (email mostly these days) and the first drink is on the circuit.

Marshal's Perspective

Quick circuit for most cars, although because of the runoff areas required for F1/MotoGP some posts are quite a distance from the track, so be prepared to run.

As it is an ex-airfield circuit and because of the area, expect even the slightest breeze to feel like a hurricane.

On most posts there is nowhere to hide so when the sun comes out you can get burned quickly (particularly towards the end of the day with a low sun in the sky) so a hat and sun block are essential, along with plenty of water.

Scanner Frequencies

Loads of frequencies for here but depends on level of meeting;

It does appear that the much talked about switch to digital radios will be happening at some point in 2012.

How to Marshal Here - Contacts

Through Julian Floyd's site or direct to the circuit's Marshals' Administrator.

Contact details on the Marshals Team section of the main circuit website.

Local Accommodation


For weekend meetings camping is outside copse corner by the old runway,new toilet block,and hopefully a shower block

Showers are available in the toilet block between the main paddock and the support paddock. They are on one side of the central divide, hidden behind a door that looks like it leads to a store room. Temporary showers are sometimes brought in on the marshals campsite.

Circuit Contacts

As listed at the circuit website