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Circuit Map


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Getting There

Rockingham Circuit is in Corby, Northants. Most access roads from the main routes have brown 'Rockingham Motor Speedway' / Checkered flag road signs (but be aware that some of these signs may lead to entrances which are only open on major race days - head for Mitchell Road if you have satnav).

If you can find the large industrial units for RS Components, Morrisons, or Fairline Boats you're not a million miles away.

On Arrival

Parking is usually in the area designated for Marshals parking. To get there, drive through the main entrance, and head straight down towards the main building and its on the left just before a smaller building. There is usuallly a minibus on hand to transport you to sign-on. alternatively there is a foot tunnel underneath the Rockingham Building which goes to the main paddock.

The minibus does a few trips to sign on from outer paddock. Buses will run just before, half way through and just before the end of sign-on at least (but more frequently if possible).

It will take you back to the outer paddock after the event leaving from garage 12.

Signing On

Sign on is in garage 12 for all events and flags are collected from near the pit office in the end of the pit building after garage one.

After sign on, the mini-buses will then do a trip around the circuit to drop off marshals on post, although most posts are walkable.

Circuit Usage / Configurations

There are many possible layouts at Rockingham.

There are two main circuits used for Race meetings these are the Full oval and the International Super Sportscar Circuit

Full Oval

Fairly obvious. Currently used only by the Pick-ups.

International Super Sportscar Circuit

Uses turn one of the oval then the infield to link through to the "bike link" to rejoin the oval in the middle of turn 4. Used for nearly all series apart from Pickup Truck Racing. The BRSCC has recently started using an extension to this layout, bypassing post 24 and instead dropping down further towards post 14 and the oval.

Other Circuits

Either not regularly used for Racing or used for Track days

> Historic Oval Uses turn 1, turn 4 and the main straight of the main oval, plus the infield road that parallels the "back half" of the main oval. used to be used for the pick ups to race if the oval was a bit damp for them

> National Used for cars and motorbike track days. uses the infield

> International Circuit Uses turn 1 chicane, turn 4, and the main straight og the main oval, plus a large chunk of the infield section. Too complicated to explain without corner names on the map. Can be called the International Long by using an additional bit of the infield

> Superbike Circuit Used for British Superbikes and motorbike track days.

> Motorcycle Circuit Used for racing and motorbike track days. Turned into the motorcycle long by using an additional corner

> Historic Used for racing and track days.

> Historic Link Used for racing and track days.

> Lake Circuit Used for selected evens and track days.

> Handling Circuit Used for selected events and track days.


Posts are on the Google Maps map at the top

Some posts have sheds. Inside the shed, the fire bottles will be in the cupboard. If your post does not have a shed, the fire bottles and other equipment will be in a large wooden chest nearby.

ISSC Posts

Depending on the circuit configuration being used, the numbering may seem a little "odd" - ISSC for example goes Post 2, 4, 10, 11, 12, 13, 24, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 9a and that's with all the necessary posts manned!

Post 2

On the outside of the Oval turn 1 and is a flag point for the ISSC only. You need to get on the Oval transport minibus to take you to post. You may be in for a long lonely day!

At some meetings this post is not manned with the Pit Exit (AKA post 2A) being used to flag this section instead

Post 4

On the outside of the Oval between Turn 1 and 2, this is a flag only point and mostly covers the yellow flag for Deene Hairpin.

Post 10 & 10a - Deene Hairpin

Post 10a is a Post Chief and incident team post and is where you almost always have the first lap incident. You have the added benefit of having a Rockingham pick up truck sat behind you to assist if needs be.

Post 10 is the flag point on the outside of the track on the exit of the hairpin.

Post 11 & 11a - Yentwood

Post 11a is a flag point on the inside of a 90 degree corner. Watch out for the single tyre stack on the apex.

Post 11 is the rest of the post and is located on the outside of the corner. There is a gravel trap located in front of this post. You will also need to keep an eye on what is happening between Oval turn 1 and Deene hairpin on the other side of the low concrete wall - you may need to assist or more likely be first on scene for anythign that happens on this stretch as well.

Post 12 - Chapman

Located on the outside of the circuit, people may still be picking up the pieces from the previous corner as they pass you.

Post 13 - Pif-Paf

On the outside of a left hand corner with a thin gravel trap in front of you which widens and deepens further round the corner. If you get something in the gravel trap. the driver is having a really bad day. Good for blue flagging.

Post 24

Located on the inside of the track between Post 13 and 15. One thing to watch out for is the recovery vehicles accessing and egressing through the gate next to the post.

Post 15 - Steel Straight

On the outside of an almost flat right hand corner. You shouldn't usually get anything here other than the 4 wheels off or people running wide. Occassionally you get someone who over corrects and makes it to the barrier on the inside. This post is also popular with drivers who are pulling-off through a failure.

Post 16 & 16a - Gracelands

Post 16a is a flag point on the inside of the corner.

Post 16 is a flag and incident post on the outside of the corner, with a very large gravel trap between you and the track. In fact you are a lot closer to the track behind you so if you are on this post just be aware of your surroundings as something may be happening directly behind you.

Also watch out for people running wide and over correcting resulting in them ending in the small gravel trap between 16a and 17.

Post 17 - Tarzan Hairpin

This is a hairpin corner towards the end of the lap. The post is on the outside of the track just at the turning point for the corner. There is a large gravel trap on the outside of the corner which starts just after the post.

In light of the MSA's clamp-down on 4WO, this post should report any occurrences when cars exit Gracelands as the track limits are blind to Posts 16 and 16a.

Note that if cars are pulled off into the School Pitlane after qualifying / racing, you will need to display the "pit in" board on the slowing down lap.

Post 18

This is located at the "school" pitlane. You may occassionally get retirements to the paddock here as the back gate to the paddock is directly behind you. This is also where the cars come off at the end of sessions to enter Parc Ferme.

Post 19

This post is located at the other end of the "school" pit lane and situated just before the final chicane andpit lane entrance. The post is mostly a blue / yellow flag point.

Post 9a

This post is located at the very end of the pit wall, where the chicane meets Turn 4 of the Oval circuit. If you are flaggin here, you need to be aware that you almost need to look bith ways at once for the adjacent posts - post 19 behind you and the Startline Gantry to your left.

A "quirk" of this post on windy days is that you need to keep an eye on, and adjust when needed, the cones at the edge of the circuit which sometimes blow out further than you'd like!

Another thing to note about this post is that when cars come from the assembly area to form the grid, they travel the wrong way down the pitlane for approx 30m before turning onto the track to line up the correct way. You may be asked to assist Assembly in getting the cars to go the correct way.

Oval Posts

When running on the oval circuit (Pick Up Trucks only), there are several points on the wall with comunication boxes to use a dedicated 'land-line' headset to communicate with race control and the start gantry. The reason for this is that the oval has lap times of 35-45 seconds, so calling incidents needs to be done as it happens for quick response. There are no flag points during the oval races, lights are controlled by race control. You may need a debris stick, to point out to safety teams anything you have seen on track that needs picking up.

There is usually one experienced oval marshal on each of the 4 turns (although up to 2 marshals can use the land-line on each turn).

Lunch / Circuit Customs

Usually there is a burger bar in the paddock and the diner is mostly open

Usually there is a lunch break

Minibus provides transport from posts to the paddock to pit lane for lunch break at most meetings

Marshal's Perspective

Nice very welcoming circuit

Divides opinion between marshals, almost a "marmite" circuit.

You need to try it before you get put of by some peoples negativity about the circuit

There is a hospitality suite especially for marshals' family and friends which serves tea and coffee all day which is a nice touch.

Scanner Frequencies

Most clubs use normal MSA 169.3375 but with tone lock

How to Marshal Here - Contacts

Meetings are organised by BRSCC and BARC mostly

Also Rockingham Stages rally, not sure who to volunteer for that

Thundersport GB are running a bike meeting on the 28th and 29th of July 2012

Contact Details for John Downes (Chief Marshal) are: 07769 212996 unclealbert27 (at)

For BRSCC meetings volunteering can be done directly to Roy Salsbury (contact details on BRSCC midlands website), BMMC form or Julians Website. For BARC meeting use BARCs volunteering system or e-mail the Marshals Secretary at BARC (contact details on BARC website)

Local Accommodation

The Castle Inn & Sleeper at Caldecott (01536 770641) is 10 minutes drive from the circuit and usually has a mixture of officials and teams either staying, eating or drinking there. Go out of the main circuit gate, turn right, then right at the Jet garage roundabout, and right again at the next roundabout (towards Oakham). Go through Rockingham village (watch the 30mph cam at the bottom of the hill), then after 3/4mile on the approach to Caldecott (before the traffic lights) the Inn car park is on the right (the sleeper car park is opposite, on the left of the road).

There is a Hampton by Hilton which is reasonably priced, also a Best Western and Holiday Inn all within 5 miles of the circuit. The Hampton is on a small estate which also comprises a Subway, Greggs, Dominos pizza and a Wetherspoons.

A budget option is the Raven Hotel in Corby on Rockingham Road, a 10 minute drive away. The rooms are above a pub which usually has live music on Saturday nights.


Marshals camping is usually in the southern end of the outer paddock. There is a small grass stip for tents, and a large gravel area for cars/caravans/motorhomes etc. Beware, the whole site is on a slope, so careful pitching is required.

Toilets and showers are provided in portacabins under the turn 1 grandstand (showers are in the brown cabin). Water is available on site, and if you're lucky, you may even get a power hookup.

At some meetings you may get on the grass between Race Admin and Med Centre but this has been frowned upon in the past

Circuit Contacts

Cat Lund looks after circuit ops, and can be contacted via Twitter @Fastestcat (very helpful)