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Circuit Map

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Getting There

FROM THE NORTH (Green Bay, Minneapolis)

Travel south on I-43 to Sheboygan area, exit Hwy 23 West to Plymouth, exit Hwy 67 North to the right, turn left (North) at the stop sign and proceed 3.5 miles to the track. Enter through Gate 6 (NOT spectator Gate 5)

FROM THE SOUTH (Milwaukee, Chicago)

Travel north on I-43 to Hwy 57 north (Plymouth), take Hwy 57 North to Cty Rd J
 (about 2 miles north of Hwy 23 overpass), turn left (West) onto Cty Rd J, turn right (North) onto Hwy 67. Enter through Gate 6 (NOT spectator Gate 5)

FROM THE WEST (Madison, Fond du Lac, Fox Valley)

Travel on Hwy 23 east to Hwy 67, exit Hwy 67 North to the right, turn left (north) at the stop sign onto Hwy 67 North and proceed 3.5 miles to the track. Enter through Gate 6 (NOT spectator Gate 5)

On Arrival

Registration is to the right of Gate 6 prior to reaching the tunnel. The Registration Building is the stand-alone building just prior to entering the tunnel.

Signing On

At the registration. Morning meetings are the Road America Center. Drive through tunnel and the first right at the bottom of the hill. Road America Center is the white building at the end of the road at the very bottom of the hill.

Circuit Usage / Configurations

There is only one configuration for races (bikes are using the Kink at turn 11)



At the exit of pit lane, drivers left. One can drive to it through back access roads or on track and park behind the fence. Perfect point for blue flagging into first corner. Also covers the action in corner 1

Corner 1

Rarely used. Primary observation point. It is just a hole in the fence, but has good view of the action in turn 1.

Corner 2

Drivers right at the exit of corner 1. Drive to it through inside roads.

Corner 3

Drivers right, inside corner 3. Drive to it on track.

Corner 3A

Drivers left. On straight. Usually rotating with corner 3

Corner 4

It is a straight. Drivers left. Drive to it through access roads.

Corner 4A

In the fence drivers right before turn 5. Good for blue flagging. If something happens there it is big. Usually rotating with Corner 5.

Corner 5

Drivers left, inside Corner 5. One of the best corners.

Corner 6

Divided into 6 Flags (drivers right, on the top of the hill, before bridge) and 6 Point - drivers left after the bridge.

Corner 7

Drivers left. Outside corner 7

Corner 8

Drivers left. Inside corner 8.

Corner 9

Drivers left after the bridge.

Corner 10 - Carousel

Drivers left. Far behind gravel trap.

Corner 11

Drivers left. At the kink.

Corner 11A

Drivers left. Rarely used, if used rotating with corner 11. On the wall with trees and ditch behind you.

Corner 11B

Drivers right. On the wall.

Corner 12

Right-hander. It is used either drivers right (inside the corner) or drivers left (outside).

Corner 13

Drivers left. On the hill. Drive to it from the outside and leave the car on the top of the hill.

Corner 14

Drivers right inside turn 14.

Corner 15

Drivers right up the hill under the bridge.

Lunch / Circuit Customs

SCCA will provide box lunches to the corners. Usually dinner with beer on Saturday night.

Marshal's Perspective

Scanner Frequencies

How to Marshal Here - Contacts

SCCA: Milwaukee, Chicago and BVR regions - Cen-Div SCCA, Milwaukee region, Chicago region

MCSCC: Midwestern Council of Sports Car Clubs

Local Accommodation


Usually in the carousel, but for some events on the outside camp-grounds (off from Hwy 67)

Circuit Contacts