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Rescue Units of various types are usually to be found at Race circuits, Rally stages and also Sprint and Hillclimb venues, to name but a few. The main purpose of a Rescue Unit is to get trained crew members and their equipment to the scene of an incident when called upon to do so. At a circuit, this would be within an ideal time of 90 seconds. This time can be different at a Rally venue due to the varying locations and lengths of different stages.

Tasks can include supporting medical professionals (Doctors or Paramedics) and using suitable methods to extricate an injured or trapped driver.


In the UK, the governing body of Motorsport, the M.S.A., states that a Rescue Unit at a race meeting must have three licensed crew members and a doctor/paramedic. There can also be up to two trainees on the unit. For Speed and Rally events, two licensed crew are required.

One of the crew members will act as Crew Chief.