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Information about Pit Lane Marshaling

Pit Lane marshalling is one branch of the Specialist Marshal discipline. It is often combined with the Startline role but this will depend on circuit or club. The MSA Personnel Record Card (prc) information should be entered in the Specialist section, and "common" stuff in the Specialist Discipline will apply equally to Pit marshals.

The main role of the Pit Marshal is SAFETY and DISCIPLINE in the Pitlane. This will include ensuring under 16-year olds do not enter the pitlane whenever the circuit is "live", no smoking, fire cover, safe working practices are followed and returning cars and support teams are cleared as quickly as possible.

Depending on the status of the meeting, there are many different actions to be covered, which will be detailled in the Chief Pit's briefing. You may be part of a large team, with specific tasks, or you may be on your own, covering a large area of the pits. That's all part of the enjoyment of Pit marshalling