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Circuit Map

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Taken from the official website: History Of The Park

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Getting There

Dublin itself is well catered for in terms of transport, there are flights from pretty much all over the world in to Dublin Airport and from there a short bus or taxi ride will take you in to the city centre. By sea there are ferries in to Dublin Port and Dunloghaire.

The Park itself is the largest enclosed park in Europe and houses numerous landmarks including the Irish President's residence, the US Ambassador's residence, and Dublin Zoo.

The Road Closure Order for racing only applies on the Saturday/Sunday and is only in place during racing. This means that the roads are opened VERY quickly after the last session finishes. It also means that if you take a tourist sight-seeing bus during the week of the circuit build you can get off on the main straight.

On Arrival

Marshals parking can be "variable" but in the past has been on the riding path to the drivers right of the main straight when traveling "clockwise" around the circuit.

Signing On

Sign-on will usually be on the main straight, there is usually a briefing a few weeks beforehand where final details are given.

Circuit Usage / Configurations

There have been many versions of circuit used at the Park, History Of The Park has more information on the layouts that have been used in the past. Currently the "Oldtown" circuit is the basis for current use.


The paddock was generally located on the "outside" of the circuit along the main straight, however at the last running of The Park Farmlea was used as there is existing hard-standing rather than grass. This also allowed the formation of dummy grids and assembly along the Farmlea access road to some success.


All posts have fast straights leading in to them, so cars will be breaking heavily for every corner.

1 - Startline

Usually a "cherry-picker" or mobile access platform.

2 - Dublin Corner

Over 90 degree right hander, there is a straight on "escape" which is well used. Manned on both sides of the main straight, flaggers will have to keep an eye on the escape road for cars rejoining.

3 - Chicane

Constructed of plastic road "wedges" and may have to be rebuilt quickly between laps.

4 - Furry Glen

Another over 90 degree right hander. There is an escape road here but it's down a hill. The flag post may not have good visibility of cars attempting to rejoin.

5 - Ordnance Survey

A left hand that is more of a "blend" than a corner, primarily a flag post.

6 - Mountjoy Corner

A right hander on to the main straight, again had an escape road, however there has been a permanent roundabout added to the corner and it is currently not clear what will be done with this for racing.

Lunch / Circuit Customs


Bring a packed lunch. Some corners will have access to burger vans and if it's a nice day there will also be ice-cream vans around. The circuit between Furry Glen and Mountjoy is not public accessible so there won't be any catering in those areas.

Customs and Unusual Events

  • Residents
There are several private residences in the Park and it is not uncommon for residents to need to use the roads during the event. This is co-ordinated by race control between sessions.
  • "Other" Residents
The Park is home to a large number of deer, the Park Rangers will herd the deer away from the circuit, however given the nature of the woodlands and tree cover there may be some left behind, or some that jump the fencing. Generally they will jump the fencing between sessions as the noise will keep them away.
It is not unusual for racing to be stopped for periods of time while the Park Rangers deal with strays.
  • Joggers / Cyclists
"I've jogged/cycled this route every day for X years, and I'm not stopping now!"
"Fair enough, you keep jogging, where do you want your body sent when the 20 Formula Vee's plough in to you?"
It's not unknown for these idiots to jump the fences too! It's more common on the main straight and first thing in the morning before practise rather than during racing.

Marshal's Perspective

Racing through the trees, gas lamp posts that may or may not be removed, marshals posts behind rubble filled skips. This is as basic as it gets!

Scanner Frequencies

Radio network uses digital radios.

How to Marshal Here - Contacts

Marshaling is organised by the Mondello Track Team who also have a Facebook Page

Local Accommodation

You have the whole of Dublin to chose from.


Circuit Contacts

Official Website