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Getting There

Just outside Naas in Co. Kildare.

If travelling from Dublin Airport take the M50 southbound and turn off onto the N7 (otherwise known as the Naas Road).

Travel South-East on the N7 heading towards Naas.

Travel past Naas until you get to the Newbridge turnoff,

Go up the ramp and turn right, take the next right turn - this is a small country road. When you will come to a crossroads turn left for Caragh Village.

Continue straight through Caragh Village and you will come to Mondello Park approx 1 mile outside the village.

On Arrival

If you have already informed the chief marshal of your impending arrival, then just give your name to the security on the gate (usually gate 4) and find a place to park. Make your way to the base of the control tower and you should see orange people there who will introduce you to the chief marshal of the day for signing on.

Signing On

Sign-on location is a bit of a moveable feast at Mondello Park but is usually in the media center on the first floor of the control tower, although occasionally it will be in one of the suites above the garages, so just follow someone in orange that looks like they know where they are going and you may find the Chief Marshal or Race Logger who handles sign-on.

Sign on times are normally about 8.15am but check the relevent club website to be sure that it's not been changed for that particular event.

After signing-on, the Cheif Marshal or Race-Logger will introduce you to your I/O. Note that in Ireland, the I/O is chief of the post and carries many of the responsibilities that in the UK are reserved for the Observer.

Circuit Usage / Configurations

Mondello events can be run on the National, Full International, Intermediate or Rallycross Circuit.

National and Full International are the most common.


Delta 3

Primarily used as a flagpost for all circuits except Rallycross when it will be tended by course marshals as well.

D3 offers a great view of the first and last corners (Delta 4 and Delta 28) and also is just in front of the Start/Finish line.

It's a great post for blue flagging with a clear view up the main straight. Also located here is the main gate for access to the outside of the circuit - and the main ambulance exit. If it's a very busy day, be prepared to be asked to help out with gate duty.

It is under the footbridge that links the outer spectator area to the paddock. Beware of small children dropping crisps over the edge...!

Delta 4

First corner, D4 is a sharp right hand turn around an apex - more of a hairpin than anything else. It is used in all circuit configurations with the exception of Rallycross.

Flagpost is located on the outside edge of the track with catch fencing to stand behind on the bank.

Incident control post varies according to the type of racing and the IO's personal preference and number of course marshals available.

For cars, control is usually run from the outer banks.

For bikes and karts, control is usually run from the inside of the apex. Ideally, if you are running this way, you need a minimum of two course marshals back to back to watch traffic coming in and going out of the corner. The outer edge of the circuit has a very deep gravel trap and vehicles can usually be stowed reasonably safely up against the tyres at the back of the trap.

D4 has a limited view of the main straight due to a dip in the track.

D4 is also right in front of the grandstand so be prepared for the odd heckling spectator particularly if you are likely to fall on your bottom whilst pushing cars - they really like it when you do that! :)

Flaggers - beware of the bungee jumping spiders that live on the catch fencing!

Delta 5

An interesting post - traffic flow varies depending on track configuration - traffic will either go past the post and head up to Delta 8 or go through the "tunnel" directly to Delta 12

Offers a great view of Delta 4, the straight up to Delta 8, Delta 12, 13 and 27 - and if you stand on your tippytoes you can even just about see the start/finish line! :)

Marshalled in different ways depending on the classes being run. In general, D5 is marshalled from the flagpost on the inside of the circuit. Getting on and off this post can be a problem as the banks are steep on the tunnel side and to gain access to the other side, you need to clamber over armco. Steps have now been cut in to the "tunnel" side of the banking making access easier.

Depending on IO preference this post can also be marshalled from the outer side of the circuit which offers greater access to incidents but the banks here are quite thin and steep. This is normally only done for rallycross due to the difficulty of trackside access.

D5 is usually a quiet post for course marshalling but if something does happen here it is usually huge!

Bank is home to sundry small furry critters who will occasionally pop out to say hello!

Delta 6 (Hole in the Hedge) & Delta 11

Delta 6 is generally only used for Rallycross and Kart track configurations when traffic will be coming through the gap in the circuit and running around down to Delta 27. When it's used in this configuration it's a sharp right hand turn into a blind corner.

Ideally the flagpost should be on the outer edge of the track or done from beneath the big tree as if you are signalling for an incident "round the corner" you need to ensure competitors have as much warning as possible!

Incident control/course is normally run from the small concreted area that forms the turn which allows access to the bank up to D5 and D12.

Great post to be on if it's raining hard as you can stand under the tree. The downside to this is that after the rain stops, the tree will continue to drip on you!

View is similar to the one available for D5 with the added attraction of being able to sit on concrete blocks between races! :)

D6 can get very congested if competitors try and take it side by side. There is plenty of space on both sides of the post to stow vehicles though.

In the national and international configurations, this post becomes D11 (on D6 you stand on one side of the tree, on D11 you stand on the other side! :) )

D6/11 offers a great view of the helipad if you like that sort of thing!

If the wind gets up and it's a 2 day event, beware of flying tents belonging to marshals who camped on the helipad....!

Delta 8

At the back of the circuit and gets very busy when wet!

Flagpost is at the entrance to the turn behind catch fencing on the bank. Flaggers need to work closely with the flagger at D10 and pre-arrange signals. It can be difficult to see what's happening on the far side of the turn as there is a slight incline. Not such a major problem for cars, but it can be very difficult to see a kart incident or if a bike goes down. Since this usually happens before the D10 flagpost, it's vital that you work closely with the D10 flagger.

Incident control location varies according to marshals available but is generally run from near the flagpost.

All around the outer edge of the track is a very large gravel trap - vehicles check in, but they don't usually check out! There is a large tyre wall which provides a relatively safe area to stow stranded vehicles. If something is seriously dug in, you will probably have difficulty getting it out again without a tow of some description.

Access to trackside at D8 can be difficult - marshals stand behind armco which is padded with 3 layers of tyres. New facilities have been added by way of walk through point in the middle of the tyre wall. D8 has a great wildlife population! Oh and make sure you bring insect repellent - the gnats that live in the tyre walls are voracious and particularly fond of marshals!

Views of the circuit aren't great, but you can usually see some good racing here.

Delta 10

The exit to Delta 8. It offers good views of varius parts of the circuit.

Not much to say about this one as Delta 8 says most of it.

High bank on the outside of the circuit - offers good views down towards Delta 12 and of the straight up to Delta 8.

Beware of the wind - I once saw a marshal get blown over in particularly bad weather!

Delta 11

D11 is primarily the preceding flagpost for D12, and is at the back of D6 with shelter under the trees.

Delta 12

This post operates back to back with Delta 5 with delta 11 as its entry flag post. It has limited viewing of the rest of the circuit but it is close to the paddock and its facilities.

Delta 13

Only used when the international loop is in use, this is effectively at the "start" of the international loop. A gentle left hander coming off of Delta 12 and heading in to a slight "hump" straight. As it's back to back with Delta 27 it's not a bad spot as there's usually a few people around. Also has easy access to the driving school toilets (just remember to get your IO / Post Chief to radio in before racing to make sure they are unlocked).

Delta 15

Delta 18

Delta 19

Entry flag post for delta 20

Delta 20

This is a good post for overtaking action and varius other incidents. It covers 2 righthanders with a large gravel trap on the outside and large grass covered infield.

Delta 22

This is a flag post with good views over much of the circuit and acts as exit for delta 20 and entry for delta 23. It also has the luxury of a roof.

Delta 23

Delta 24

Delta 25

Delta 26

Delta 27

On the international circuit this is the end, where the circuit does an interesting left-hander back on to the national circuit and heads up the hill to pitlane and the last corner "Dunlop".

Delta 28

"Dunlop" used on all circuit configurations, is also the exit of the third rallycross "rough" section. Straight run up a hill to a blind tightening right-hander that drops off down on to the main straight.

For cars, if you're tall enough, then then flagpost affords good views around the corner, if you're short then you'll need to keep an eye out for Delta 29 and organise with them beforehand if you want them to force yellows.

Can also be manned from the inside of the corner for bike racing as this gives quicker track access at the point they generally lowside.

Delta 29

Flag post at the end of the last corner / start of the main straight. Generally a flag post only.

If there are enough marshals at Delta 28 then the position is sometimes rotated to give the Delta 29 flagger a break.

Lunch / Circuit Customs

At car meets, lunch vouchers are normally provided.

DO NOT rely on bringing money to buy food at circuit. Food available at the circuit can be expensive.

In general, for bike and kart events the organising club will provide a lunch voucher valid for something hot.

Restaurant is now open and serves hot food, don't rely on this for breakfast as they don't actually start serving until 9am (when all good marshals are out on post!)

Marshal's Perspective

My favourite posts are delta27 on the Full International and delta5 on the National circuit as these are both fast sections with good views and close to other posts for socialising.

Scanner Frequencies

Mondello now uses a digital radio system that is not scanner friendly.

How to Marshal Here - Contacts

Mondello is now Marshaled by Mondello Park Track team


Local Accommodation


Camping facilites at Mondello are available but are very basic.

Tents are usually pitched on the helipad opposite Delta 12. This area has now become part of a 4x4 course but there are still a few spots left but beware of landies with knobbley tyres.

There is 1 shower available in each of the toilet blocks in the paddock and there are standpipes for water.

If you are planning to camp, ensure you liaise with the marshalling club working the event so they can notify Mondello management that you will be there.

Circuit Contacts

Circuit Website: