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Avatar300 1.jpg is a initiative based on the previous work of Paul Perkins and his excellent website.

At the moment we are concentrating on adding back the circuit information, further pages discussing how to get started, equipment, and clubs will be added later.

There are also pages for the various marshaling disciplines, feel free to edit these pages too.

Since the majority of marshals on the ten-tenth's forum are British, this wiki is likely to be very UK centric, however, marshals, and their international equivalents from all around the world are welcome to use and participate in this site. Where there are differences, we will all endavour to make them clear.

If you have experience of using MediaWiki software and wish to contribute then contact Grant MacDonald for further details. In particular, take a look at Category:Pages Requiring Improvement, and help where you can.

Or you can register here.

This site will also work well on mobile devices so if you're at a new circuit and need the relevant info you can get it "on the go".
The mobile version also support editing of pages on iPhones, Android phones, iPad, iTouch, etc. so if you're on a circuit and there's some down-time between sessions or during a recovery you can update pages!

The site has a dedicated Discussion Forum on Ten-Tenths where contributors and users can discuss the site.

There's also a Facebook Page for the site, so follow us, "like" us, and tell your friends!