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Circuit Map

Google Maps,-3.504832&spn=0.006159,0.01929

Getting There

Come of M90 at Junction 4.It is well sign posted from there on.

It is up the side of a mountain, I've had to drive through clouds to get there!

On Arrival

Park just past the far end of the paddock from the entrance (beyond the marshal's building) - you'll see plenty of cars giving you a clue

For the big meetings (BTCC and F3), once through the main gate drive straight ahead onto the circuit and park on the start / finish straight. Make sure you are parked at the side to allow vehicles to get through.

One parked up, make your way to the marshals building. It is situated next to race control and along from the medical centre. Access is via the pit lane.

Signing On

In marshal's building between Race Control and Medical Centre

Marshals will sign on then be given their post allocations. Flag marshals and observers may have to wait until after the briefing. Flag marshals should pick up a set of flags and observers should get a clipboard, a radio and a headset.

Circuit Usage / Configurations

Knockhill has recently (2012) been approved to run in both directions.



Opposite the starters box on the inside of the circuit

Duffus Dip / Seat Curves

First corner, high speed (5th gear), blind entry from fastest point on circuit

McIntyres / Scotsman

Second corner, second slowest point on the circuit


Butchers is covered by the marshals at McIntyres / Scotsman and the chicane


Medium to high-speed corner, second fastest point on the circuit

Brabhams straight

Only manned at big meetings, at other times covered by marshals at chicane and Clark / Carlube corner

Clark / Carlube corner

Medium speed corner, occasional overtaking

Railway / Hislops

Has had many names including Railway Straight, Daewoo Straight and Hislops. Is actually a gradual curve.


Final corner, slowest point on the circuit

Beware of the sewage vent pipe!

Post 10

Between the hairpin and the start / finish line. this post is situauted at the bottom of whats known as Paddock Brae at knockhill. So called as its the brae that leads from the circuit, just shy of post ten, to the paddock main entry point

Lunch / Circuit Customs

As much tea and coffee as you want at signing on,Lunch and after meeting.Lunch is provided by Knockhill

If running to time, a good lunch break is usually provided and marshals make their way to the marshals building. They can pick up their lunch and eat it there before heading back to post before the afternoon session.

Marshal's Perspective

Knockhill is one of the most friendly circuits I've been to.

The circuit owners have made a special effort to make the posts better for the marshals - most posts have breezeblock huts with enough room to store bags and equipment. there is now a toilet block within a 3 minute walk of all marshals posts with proper facilities for ladies

Communication to Race Control is by Radio.

The circuit is surrounded by tyres and are quite high and large in places - some which are not attached to a barrier just an earth bank!! - so be very carefull where you stand.

Lap times are short - but they have a very efficient recovery/snatch system.

As mentioned - morning coffee and tea are provided to all, along with a packed lunch which you can eat on post or back at the marshals sign on building.

Scanner Frequencies

If memory serves me right it's normal RAC 169.3375

The frequency that gets used mostly at Knockhill is 169.3000 Mhz

How to Marshal Here - Contacts

Chief Marshal - Jim Redpath, contact is via Marshals' Coordinator - Jackie Spencer:-

Local Accommodation



for small meetings camping is on the bit of grass next to the karting centre where there is a toilet within a minute's walk, for larger meetings like btcc you will be outside of the track, bring good pegs as it can be windy. Caravans are outside of the circuit (take directions from security as they are friendly and helpful). there is no electric hookup

Circuit Contacts

Circuit website