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Circuit Map


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Getting There

No problems finding Castle Combe at all. The circuit is very well signposted from the M4 from both directions. Junction 18 on the eastbound M4. Junction 17 on the Wesbound

Use Camp Entrance

On Arrival

Easy follow the rivers of marshals to say good morning before piling into the Cafe for the ritual breakfast.

After sign-on / breakfast drive to and park near to post.

Signing On

Sign-on in the College building, turn right from Camp circuit entrance and park nearby off the perimeter road.

Circuit Usage / Configurations

There is only one standard layout used, but it lends itself to most forms of racing.The pit and paddock areas have recently been surfaced aloowing larger teams more comfort.


Post One - Startline

Flag/Incident Point on the start line.

Post Two - Folly:

Flag/Incident Point. Covers Pit Exit and the start of Avon Rise. Quick cars through here.

Post Three - Avon Rise:

Mainly a flag point complete with lights. Incident marshals normally positioned half way down Avon Rise. Normally the start of any trouble that'll finish at Quarry!

Post Four - Quarry In:

Incident teams are split between the entry of the corner and half way around. Probably one of the most exciting first corners at any English circuit. First laps are always incident packed. Flag point is in a tower approximately 2 metres off the ground on the entry into the corner. A second flag point along with the lights is half way around Quarry corner.

Post Five - Quarry Out:

Flag/Incident Point. Flag point located on the inside of the circuit. Incident marshals located on the outside - used to support teams at Quarry In and any incidents between Quarry Out and Essess In. During sessions you will have a JCB, Recovery Unit and a Rescue Unit on the infield behind the post.

Post Six - Essess In:

Flag/Incident Point. Not normally much to watch for here other than track limits through Essess and cars stopping on the escape road through the chicane.

Post Seven - Essess Out:

Flag/Incident point on the inside of the track. Incident team is normally split inside and outside. Medical Car sits on the outside of the circuit next to the incident teams during races.

Post Eight - Old Paddock:

Flag/Incident Point. Also controls lights on the exit of Essess Out.

Post Nine - Hammerdown:

Flag/Incident Point. Flags are on the inside and incident teams on the outside.

Post Ten - Tower In:

Flag/Incident Point. Incident teams are split between the mid-point of Tower corner (and it gets busy here!) and halfway between Hammerdown and Tower In as it's a long straight.

Post Eleven - Tower Out:

Flag/Incident Point. Flags on the inside of the circuit, incident on the outside. Normally getting roped into helping at Tower In if there's a big shunt.

Post Twelve - Bobbies:

Flag/Incident Point. Again, not normally much to watch for here other than track limits through Bobbies and cars stopping on the escape road through the chicane.

Post Thirteen - Westway:

Flag/Incident Point on the inside. Good for blue flagging.

Post Fourteen - Camp:

Flag/Incident Point split into three positions. The first hut on the Westway straight is for flagging into the corner and normally doesn't have any incident marshals attached. The second hut which is right alongside the pit entry line is where the Post Chief and Incident team will be. The banking right on the corner behind the pit entry also has a secondary flag point and a team of marshals to deal with incidents at Camp or within the pit lane.

Circuit Particulars

Telephones are used at every post to keep in contact with Race Control. Only a few posts (normally the busier ones) get a radio. Normally, Post 4 (quarry) Post 6 (Essess In) and Post 14 (Camp).

These radios are analogue radios and operate on the standard MSA frequencies.

Lunch / Circuit Customs

Combe has to keep to its 1830 curfew very strictly due to noise abatement. For this reason, the race programme tends to be pushed along at a frenetic pace. Do not be surprised if the meeting ends AHEAD of time (halleluyah!). There is even a name for this unusual phenomenon, the regular Marshals call it Combe Time. The minute after the one minute board can often be *ahem* a very short minute if you catch my drift. Time in between races is best used wisely!

That said, lunchtimes are rarely lost and it's nice to finish when you expect to.

Howard Strawford the circuit owner has put many years of work into taking the circuit from a parlous state to the superbly landscaped and massively popular venue it is now. A lot of this has involved investing much time, effort and money in measures to reduce noise and disruption to people who live near the circuit. It is assumed that you should take much care when driving through the local villages, or visiting local pubs etc.

Marshal's Perspective

This is a great circuit to marshal at. Fast and exiting. One thing that can catch IO's from bigger circuits out is the high average speed and short lap length compared to say Donington or Silverstone for example. If you have to go trackside while the race is live, the cars will be round again at a hell of a rate. The trick is to use the good visability to the rest of the circuit to guage your safe time. Local marshals are very friendly. The best bit is that the layout and speed of the circuit combined with the unerringly superb mix of regular circuit championships and visiting formulas makes this well worth the trip.

Scanner Frequencies

Scanners are now used at the Circuit.

I think the official (CCRC) attitude to marshals using scanners is "It is permitted but not encouraged. If you must have one, please do not react to it, instead react to the normal flag rules and instructions from your Observer"

How to Marshal Here - Contacts This URL has the contact details for Marshalling at Castle Combe.

Local Accommodation


Not usually a problem, best to ask advice from the Chief Marshal (Richard Beard) about where to pitch before turning up. Depending on the size of the event the camping arrangements can vary.

Circuit Contacts

Chief Marshal: Richard Beard E-mail: richardb[at]