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Circuit Map

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Google Map

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Getting There

Cadwell Park is located on the Lincolnshire Wolds on the A153 between Louth and Horncastle

On Arrival

Admission is by ticket. Drive into the paddock past the petrol pumps on your left and the brick shower block on your right, down the hill through the gate into the assembley area

Signing On

Takes place between 07:45 and 08:15 in the hospitality unit in the assembly area. All duties sign on in the same place. There is a briefing for all marshals at 08:30. Most posts are accessed by driving round the circuit, after the briefing, so most marshals simply park in the assembly area, and drive off to post after the briefing. On post for 8:45, no cars must be left in the assembly area after signing on If you are on one of the nearby posts (15-18), it's best to park either back at the campsite, or behind post 16. Free tea and coffee available.

Circuit Usage / Configurations

The full circuit is 2.17 miles, which is used for nearly all car race meetings, the real drivers circuit. Consists of 22 posts.

Club circuit is 1.476 miles, used for 750 MC and Kart meetings. The wider part of the circuit missing the mountain and woodland area. Contains a 180 degree hairpin, which causes problems for low cars as is on 2 levels. Consists of 14 posts.

Woodland circuit is 0.849 miles, has been used in the past for motorcycle meetings only.

All three circuits, Full, Club & Woodland, are used for bikes.


Post 1 - Coppice/Corral

Uphill left hander, first corner off start.

Post 2 - Charlies In

Start of a sweeping right hander that tightens towards exit

Post 3 - Charlies Top

Mid point of the sweeping Charlies corner, on the inside

Post 4 - Charlies Gate

Cars often run wide, can be a busy post

Post 5 - Park Dip

First post on park straight in the dip.

Post 6 - Park Straight

Two thirds along park straight (curve) approaching park corner.

Post 7 - Park Corner

Sharp right hander after a long straight

Post 8 - Chris Curve 1

First post on the long sweeping right hander, located on the inside of the circuit.

Post 9 - Chris Curve 2

Later part of fast sweeping right hander, located on the outside of the circuit. Can't see the track surface for oil/debris.

Post 10 - Gooseneck Approach

Tightening right hander

Post 11 - Gooseneck

Downhill left hander that tightens on exit.

Post 12 - Mansfield

Downhill late apex left hander, links with post 5.

Post 13 - Chicane

Entry to the bus stop chicane on the inside (not used for cars)

Post 14 - Corral

At the left kink between Mansfield and Mountain Bottom, links with post 1.

Post 15 - Mountain Bottom

Uphill left hander before the Mountain, often busy as its a large braking zone.

Post 16 - Mountain Top

On the crest of the Mountain, has circuit exit running behind.

Post 17 - Hall bends in

Just on the first right hander of hall bends on the inside of the circuit.

Post 18 - Hall Bends

In the middle of Hall Bends on the inside.

Post 19 - Hairpin

Sharp right hander downhill on exit, no run off.

Post 20 - Barn Approach

On the outside approaching barn corner.

Post 21 - Barn corner

Blind right hander onto start-finish straight.

Post 22 - Pit lane entrance

First post on the start finish straight at pit lane entrance.

Lunch / Circuit Customs

A minimum 30 minute lunch at all car meetings. Can drive to post on the circuit, parking for the club circuit (Country) is in the infield or in the public area. For woodland area parking is in the public area behind the trees adjacent to the paddock or just off the road down to race control. If not certain ask at sign on and you will be shown or given a map. Those returning to the paddock at lunch time can usually park on the grass adjacent to the track outside the paddock.

Unlike most circuits, yellow flags are displayed at all points between the assembly area to the start line (posts 17-22), when cars are released to the grid. If cars are running through to do a full lap, greens are displayed initially, and waved yellows (at the same posts), when cars are coming to stop on the grid.

Marshal's Perspective

A friendly circuit, regulars are helpful along with those doing the signing on. Good secure barriers and tyre walls, tyre walls are repaired properly in the event of being damaged. Close to the cars/action and need to be alert. There are no gravel traps or debris fences. The nature of the circuit usually creates interesting racing.

As of January 2007 debris fencing has been erected at most marshals posts.

Scanner Frequencies

Standard MSA frequency 169.3375

How to Marshal Here - Contacts

David Owen Tel: 01472 824883 E:

Local Accommodation


Camping is in the field to the left of the paddock, it is fairly level. Fresh water and toilets/showers are located in the paddock. No electric available.

Circuit Contacts

Car Meetings

David Owen Tel: 01472 824883 E: