Blyton Rally Cross

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Getting There

Blyton is North of Gainsborough along the A159 sign posted Blyton Raceway

Go into the village and take the B1205 on your right, circuit entrance is approx 1 mile on your left (Not very well signed)

On Arrival

Follow the road straight down, (Rough) sign on in the portacabin at the end

Signing On

Circuit Usage / Configurations


maximum of 6 posts, plus 1 repeater flag, dependent on club

Lunch / Circuit Customs

Circuit cafe is quite good, dining room can get full if it's a big entry

Marshal's Perspective

Biased towards track day marshalling, needs a little more thought/adjustment for MSA meetings

Scanner Frequencies

I've only been there once, but I did the radios - they use the usual MSA frequency - 169.3375

Sorry, they run on a different frequency now, when I find it I'll update

How to Marshal Here - Contacts

Local Accommodation


Circuit Contacts